Monday, December 22, 2008

ME/CFS Blood Test On The Horizon

14 December 2008

The Whittemore Peterson Institute for research and treatment of Neuroimmune Diseases located in Nevada USA has announced it is approximately only 12 months away from the clinical establishment of a blood test for ME/CFS.

The major benefit of a blood test that will accurately distinguish even one sub-type of the amorphous and vague CFS illness construct is that scientist can begin to research homogeneous groups of patients all with the same disease. Since 1988 when the US CDC introduced the vague 'fatigue' oriented concept of CFS, and more recently the even less specific Empirical Definition of CFS, advances in understanding of the disease has been severely hindered by research carried out on mixed groups of patients, many of whom most likely didn't or don't have ME/CFS.

The institute's website can be viewed at

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Jacq said...

excellent! i hope it has answers, not more questions...